Stockholm University recommends that the tenderer begins to prepare the response to the tender documentation as soon as possible after having studied it. Some of the information requested may, for example, need to be obtained from authorities, which can take some time. Stockholm University always asks tenderers to enclose a company registration certificate from the Swedish Companies Registration Office. Other certificates may also be requested.

There is very little scope for Stockholm University to alter its tender documentation or for the tenderer to alter his tender. For this reason, the tenderer is urged to read the tender documentation carefully, as it is this information that the tenderer must base the tender on.

It is important to answer all the questions asked in the tender documentation, as tenders cannot be supplemented retrospectively. Only obvious typographical errors may be corrected.

Stockholm University must receive tenders by a particular date. This date will be specified both in the procurement announcement and in the tender documentation. If Stockholm University receives the tender after this deadline, the tender will be rejected, regardless of who submitted the tender or how good the tender is.

Tender applications and tenders are covered by what is known as ‘absolute secrecy’ until Stockholm University has decided who to award the contract to and notified the tenderers accordingly. This means that information from tenders and tender applications may not be disclosed during the procurement process. For example, Stockholm University may not disclose who has requested a copy of the tender documentation or submitted a tender, or even how many companies have entered into a procurement.

Notification of award decision
When Stockholm University has reached an award decision, information on the decision, including a statement of the reasons for the decision, will be distributed to all tenderers.

Procurement contract
An agreement will be established between Stockholm University and the tenderer or tenderers who have been awarded a contract through a procurement contract/framework agreement. The contract will not be valid until both parties have signed it. Stockholm University will not sign a procurement contract/framework agreement until at least the 11th day after the award decision is announced and no appeal has been instigated.
In summary, the tenderer should:

  • read the tender documentation very carefully,
  • answer all questions,
  • ensure that the tender is complete, and
  • ensure that Stockholm University receives the tender by the relevant deadline.

Tenders may not be supplemented after the tender period has expired.