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Contact: Carl-Axel Holmberg

(The document has been reviewed in 2020. Law section of the Human Resources Office has been replaced by Human Resources Office.)

Information on the agreement

The public sector employer has signed minutes of negotiations and concluded an agreement concerning fixed-term appointments of postdoctoral fellows with the central employee organisations OFR/S, P och O, Saco-S and SEKO, the principal contents of which are reproduced below. These regulations apply from 1 September 2008 inclusive.

Over and above that which follows from the provisions in the Employment Protection Act, it is now possible to appoint a postdoctoral fellow for a period of up to two years, with the option of an extension if there are special considerations. ‘Special considerations’ means leave as a result of illness, parental leave, clinical service, honorary positions within union organisations or other similar circumstances. According to the minutes of the negotiations, an employee who has been on parental leave will be offered the option of an extension with a duration corresponding to at least that of the leave.

‘Postdoctoral fellow’ means an employee who has been primarily appointed to carry out research and who has passed his or her doctoral examination or has a corresponding non-Swedish qualification which is deemed to be equivalent to a Swedish doctorate and who passed his or her doctoral examination or equivalent no more than three years prior to expiry of the application period. In the event of special considerations, the doctoral examination or equivalent may have been passed earlier. ‘Special considerations’ means leave of the same type as referred to in the previous paragraph.

A postdoctoral fellow will primarily carry out research, but will also be required to teach for up to a maximum of one-fifth of his or her working hours.

Employment as a postdoctoral fellow concerns full-time work.

A precondition for using fixed-term appointments for postdoctoral fellow is that the person concerned has not previously been employed as a postdoctoral fellow with the support of the agreement for more than one year within the same or a related subject area at the same higher education institution/authority.

Application provisions

The rules in the Appointment Ordinance concerning the advertising of vacancies apply when the University intends to appoint a postdoctoral fellow. This means that the University must announce the position in an appropriate manner, so that people who are interested in the appointment can declare their interest to the University within a certain period of time. However, if a named person has been appointed as a postdoctoral fellow with associated financing from a research council for example, the appointment need not be advertised.

The normal period of employment is two years.

Fixed-term employment as a postdoctoral fellow is a time restriction covered by a collective agreement which applies over and above the Employment Protection Act (LAS). Both before and after an appointment as a postdoctoral fellow, an employee can therefore be a fixed-term employee, e.g. a researcher in accordance with Section 5 Subsection 1 of LAS, ordinary fixed-term employment. The employment periods stipulated according to LAS or the Higher Education Ordinance are separate issues and should not be added together with fixed-term employment as a postdoctoral fellow.

Form SU 9030 should be used for decisions concerning appointments to postdoctoral fellow positions. The basis for fixed-term restrictions is “Postdoctoral Fellows – The public sector employer’s central agreement”. Contact the employment law section of the Human Resources Office if you have any questions concerning appointments as a postdoctoral fellow.