Responsible unit: Human Resources Office

Contact: Claes Strandlund

(The document has been reviewed in 2021.)


These rules set forth the application of the regulations on retirement and the conditions that are to apply upon re-employment after retirement.

The regulations on ordinary retirement age and retirement are found, among other places, in the state pension agreement PA16, the central collective agreements Villkorsavtalen and the Employment Protection Act (1982:80).


The retirement age for all employees at Stockholm University is 65 and is reached at the end of the calendar month before the 65th birthday. However, according to Section 32 a of the Employment Protection Act, an employee has a right to remain in employment until the end of the month that he or she turns 68 (69 as of 1 January 2023).

Instructions regarding retirement

If the employee does not submit a request for resignation, the employer shall end the employment through termination when the employee turns 68 (or 69). Upon termination of an employee who has turned 68 (or 69), Section 30 of the Employment Protection Act regarding information, notification and a right to consideration shall be applied.

Employment after retirement

The employer and employee can reach an agreement on re-employment after retirement. There is no right to re-employment. Operational needs decide whether re-employment shall take place and to what extent. Upon employment after retirement, the following applies:

  • Appropriation funding shall not be used to finance a re-employed teacher’s research.
  • Re-employment of teachers for teaching assignments shall only take place in exceptional cases to cover temporary needs.
  • Re-employed teachers and researchers shall not be appointed as principal supervisors for recently admitted doctoral students.

Instructions regarding employment after retirement

As a basis for the time limitation of employment after retirement, Section 5 Paragraph 1 of the Employment Protection Act (general fixed-term employment) shall be used. An agreement on fixed-term employment shall as a general rule be made for a maximum of one year at a time. A professor who retires with a retirement pension is re-employed as a re-employed professor (återanställd professor).

The employee is employed with a monthly salary. The central collective agreements Villkorsavtalen and the local collective agreement Villkorsavtal-SU is applied. The distribution of working hours for re-employed teachers is determined upon the agreement of employment. These special conditions are noted in the employment decision.