Responsible unit: Human Resources Office

Contact: Karin Steffensen

(The document has been reviewed in 2020.)


The general aim of the management policy is to help realise the vision that the research and teaching at most of the University’s departments and units should be nationally leading and internationally prominent.

A further aim is to increase transparency and security when it comes to the role of manager and employer, by defining the associated responsibilities, expectations and demands.

Finally, the management policy will specify the expected approach of a manager in order to create a common understanding of the values that characterise the managerial position.

The management policy has several goals:

  • It should be used to attract, recruit, retain and develop managers
  • It should support and encourage a well-developed leadership
  • It should be the basis for continuous coordination between managers and their superiors
  • It should act as a recurring checklist for one’s own leadership; and
  • It should ensure a safe working environment for staff and students.

Managerial tasks

All managers at Stockholm University have three general tasks:

  1. To manage and lead operations, the staff and themselves;
  2. To represent and develop operations and the staff; and
  3. To implement laws, agreements, policies and decisions.

Five abilities expected of a manager

A wide range of abilities is required to carry out the managerial tasks. The following five abilities have been identified as the most essential for managers at Stockholm University:

Managers should

  • see the big picture
  • be strategic
  • be brave
  • be responsive and
  • create involvement.

See the complete document Stockholm University Management Policy (pdf).