Responsible unit: Human Resources Office

Contact: Lise-Lott Lundberg

(The document has been reviewed in 2021.
2021: The wording head of department/equivalent refers to head of department, director subordinate to the dean, and/or head of office within the university´s administration.)

At Stockholm University an annual personal development discussion is held with each member of staff. This discussion is a prepared, structured and annual dialogue between an individual member of staff and his or her immediate superior.


The purpose of the personal development discussion is to develop both the work of the organisation and of the employee and in this way create good prerequisites for a well functioning university.


The head of department (or equivalent) has the responsibility to ensure that annual personal development discussions take place. This does not mean that the head of department must conduct the personal development discussion personally. The person conducting the discussion should be a person with salary-setting authority and/or the immediate superior of the member of staff and be an individual who is familiar with and can affect the work situation of the staff member.


Detailed instructions for personal development discussions are issued by the human resources manager.