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In addition to national and international legislation, there are internal regulations. University-wide governing documents are published here at Each document has a responsible office with contact details that you may contact if you have any questions about the content of a specific document.


The President has adopted a Procedure for Governing Documents that applies when approving new governing documents or revising existing ones. The purpose of the Procedure is to make it as easy as possible to follow the rules that govern the University’s operations. 

The Procedure and the associated template, which describes how the governing documents should be structured, can be found below (see the attached documents in PDF and Word format).

Governing documents sorted by theme

The governing documents are sorted by theme under different headings. Under each heading, the governing documents are divided into four main types: policy documents, plans, regulations, and procedures.

On some pages, there is a heading called Supporting documents at the bottom. Here you will find documents that relate to the current theme, but which do not constitute governing documents as per the definitions in the Procedure.