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Tuesday 14 September 13.00–16.00

13.00–13.15    The Directors of Education at the Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Social Sciences and Faculty of Law

13.15–13.30    Breakout rooms (meet your peers)

13.30–13.45    A piece of advice – Elisabeth Wåghäll Nivre, Dean of the Faculty of Humanities, Yvonne Svanström, Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences & Jessika van der Sluijs, Dean of the Faculty of Law

13.45–13.50    Short break

13.50–14.30    “You don’t know what you don’t know” – Signe Tonér (PhD)

14.30–14.50    Support and service for PhD students – the PhD Student Ombud, Stockholm University Student Union 

14.50–15.00    Break

15.00–15.40    The Mystery of Supervision – Professor Klara Bolander Laksov, Department of Education

15.40–15.50    Breakout rooms

15.50–16.00    Reassembly with closing remarks

Wednesday 15 September 09.00–12.20

09.00–09.20    Opening remarks and brief group discussions in breakout rooms – the Faculty Offices of the Humanities, Social Sciences and Faculty of Law

09.20–09.40    Library support for PhD students – Sofie Wennström, Stockholm University Library 

09.40–10.00    Research support and research integrity – Mikko Roos, Sara Belfrage and Tor Regberg, Research Support Office

10.00–10.15    Break

10.15–10.45    The meeting of scientists and media – Karin Tjulin och Johnny Bergenholtz-Foglander, Press Office

10.45–11.15    PhD students and their working environment – Cecilia Strandman, Human Resources Office

11.15-11.25    Break

11.25–12.10    Panel: A piece of advice and Q&A with PhD candidates from the three faculties. Chair: Signe Tonér, Panel: Hevi Dawody Nylén (law),  Andrea Asker Svedberg (humanities), Samaneh Khaef (social sciences) 

12.10–12.20    Questions/evaluation and closing remarks       

For the best possible interaction, we ask all participants to please use a proper headset and to please have the camera turned on.

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