Photo by Eva Dalin

Stockholm University should work continuously to reduce its negative impact on the environment. In addition, the University should disseminate knowledge on issues relating to the environment and sustainable development, as well as create awareness of and commitment to environmental issues at the University and in the surrounding community. In its efforts to constantly improve, Stockholm University should:

Wherever possible, follow standards higher than the laws and minimum requirements placed on the University’s operations;

  • Continuously review measures to reduce the use of natural resources and the environmental impact of air, land, and water pollution caused directly or indirectly by the University’s operations;
  • Work to ensure that aspects relating to the environment and sustainable development are considered in all relevant decisions;
  • Work to ensure that all employees are made aware of the importance of systematic environmental work;
  • Actively collaborate with students, the student union, the community, and other stakeholders on issues relating to the environment and where the environmental work can be improved;
  • Ensure that sufficient resources are allocated to the continuous improvement of environmental performance, and that these resources are used in the most effective manner.

In effect until 2020-11-01