On April 2, the Swedish parliament decided to temporarily stop the requirement for medical certificates from the 8th day of a sick pay period. The decision applies retroactively from March 13. This means that if you are sick you can stay home from work for up to 21 days without a medical certificate. Employees currently do not have to submit medical certificates, including those who on March 13 were on the 8th day of their sick leave period or on March 27 had the 15th day of their sick leave period.

The procedure for reporting sick leave stays the same. As the Primula salary system must be updated based on this temporary change, sick leave from 11 March will be registered on the April salary. The exception is if someone quits their employment at SU in March, or if it is a longer period of sick leave, it is then reported on the March salary. Employees who have registered sick leave from 11 March  or later will be able to register as back at work in Primula no earlier than Friday, 20 March, after the March payroll has been made. If you have any questions, please contact your manager.

Read more about the changes on Regeringens website (only available in swedish)