"Erasmus+" is the name of EU’s programme for promoting international collaboration in education.

There is a special focus on three types of activities:

  • Mobility (teacher and student exchanges, staff training, joint master degrees)
  • Project collaboration (strategic partnerships and development projects)
  • Support for policy changes (different tools, methods, and approaches to strategic development at the European policy level)

Within Mobility, higher education institutions can seek funding for joint master degrees (former Erasmus Mundus).

Within Project collaboration, higher education institutions can seek funding for strategic collaboration and development projects with universities in at least two other countries. The partnership provides opportunities to collaborate with organisations in other European countries regarding different ways to develop the quality of education at all levels and in all areas. The projects should focus on innovation and quality, which may include the development and transfer of approaches, solutions and methods, as well as course development, collaboration with businesses, and new forms of study (virtual mobility).

More information about the programme (in Swedish) can be found on Medarbetarwebben.