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Surveys – colleagues tell their story

  • Peterhouse College, Cambridge. Foto: MostPhotos. Survey: What portrayal of academia can you recommend? 2021-11-16 Academia regularly appears in books, films and TV series, this year as the trend “Dark academia”. We asked some fellow workers at the university to give us a tip about works about the academic world.
  • Ariel Kahrl. Foto: Private Survey: What are your summer plans this year? 2021-06-02 Biking, camping and to show visitors the the Stockholm Archipelago. These are some of the activities that employees plan for the summer.
  • Britta Sannel Survey: How do you use your wellness hour? 2021-02-09 During the pandemic many people have had to change the way they work out. We asked a few people at the University how they use their wellness hour. This spring (and until June 30) the staff at Stockholm University have received an extra wellness hour per week.
  • Frank Wilczek, Helen Frowe, Seren Selvin Korkmaz SU-researchers on the pandemic, research and everyday life 2021-01-28 Nobel Laureate or PhD student, the pandemic affects everyone. Three researchers at Stockholm University that are currently abroad tell us about how the pandemic has affected their work and everyday life.
  • How do you celebrate Christmas this year? 2020-12-09 For most of us, Christmas 2020 will be different. We met at few staff at the university on Zoom to ask: “How do you celebrate Christmas this year?”

My workplace

  • Photo: Giorgos Maneas My Workplace: NEO 2021-10-04 NEO, Navarino Environmental Observatory is a research and educational field- and research station in Costa Navarino, Messinia, in South West of Greece.
  • Majken Nilsens hemmakontor One year of working at home – show us your everyday existence during the pandemic 2021-04-19 What does your office at home look like? What image symbolises your pandemic year? We’re looking for pictures that you want to share with your colleagues. We start by offering some pictures from various offices at home, from greenhouses to bathtubs.
  • My workplace: Stockholm University Library 2021-03-12 The pandemic has meant a huge increase in the library’s activities in digital channels, but nothing compares to real meetings with the borrowers.
  • Anumol Ashok My workplace: The transmission electron microscopes at MMK 2021-02-23 Anumol Ashok tells us more about her daily work with one of the world's most advanced electron microscopes, which helps researchers see the world at the atomic level.
  • My workplace: Infocenter 2020-11-09 Print and stamp certificates, answer questions about everything from IT to resource rooms and parking spaces for students. Infocenter in Studenthuset is an important hub for students at the university. Gustav Berming has worked here since the start in 2013.


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