Terms of employment

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Terms of employment

This section provides general information to employees. It is an overview of the terms of employment at Stockholm University.

  • You and your workplace – overview of terms of employment
  • Secondary employment – information and reporting procedure
  • Job Security Agreement for Government Employees - support in case of redundancy

You and Your Workplace

An overview of the terms of employment at Stockholm University, including changes until March 2021. The document You and Your Workplace is also available in PDF form for download under Attached files in the end of this page.

Report your secondary employment easily with Primula

University employees should report their secondary employment using Primula, the HR system. Teachers are required to report their activities on their own initiative on an ongoing basis. Other employees are only required to report their activities if specifically requested.

Information on sick leave due to the coronavirus

Qualifying period of deduction from sick pay and requirement for a medical certificate from the day 8 of sick leave period are temporarily abolished. Medical certificate is required from the day 22 of sick leave period.