According to Decision 1998:5 entitled “Working at a screen,” of the Swedish Work Environment Authority (Arbetarskyddsstyrelsen), employees are entitled to a free eye test and, if needed, to special glasses designed for working at a computer screen.

The glasses can either be single vision or “occupational-progressives” with a visual acuity of up to 4 meters. The preferred option depends on your work tasks. If the distances at which you work change, “occupational-progressive” is often better. The opticians with whom the State has signed an agreement have a lot of experience in determining the correct type of lens.

Computer glasses (sometimes called terminal glasses) paid for by the State are considered occupational equipment.


The State has signed 2019-04-01 through the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency (Kammarkollegiet) a ranked, framework agreement with:

  1. Specsavers Sweden AB
  2. Synoptik Sweden AB
  3. Synsam Group Sweden AB and
  4. Synologen AB. 

This agreement means that you must first go to the supplier listed as #1.

In places where the first supplier is not represented, you go to the second supplier, and so on.

In order for the compensation to be paid, the computer glasses must be bought from one of these suppliers.

E-commerce of eye test/computer glasses

To do eye test/order glasses:      

  1. Contact Purchasing Coordinator/Authorised Administrator to obtain an order form/purchase order.    
  2. Book an appointment with an optician and take the signed form with you to the store.  

Order form/purchase order is created in the e-commerce portal. Contact a Authorised Administrator at your institution.  

The purchase order signed by the manager is sent to the employee via e-mail. The employee prints the purchase order and brings it to the store.

See the process in the e-commerce portal in: the video guide.

When choosing a more expensive frame

According to university guidelines, the university pays frames for up to SEK 500 incl. VAT. An arch for SEK 395 is included in the agreement with Specsavers. If you choose a frame for a higher amount, you pay the difference directly to the optician. Part of the difference is compensated by Stockholm University (the maximum amount that you as an employee can receive compensation is SEK 500 including VAT). In order to receive compensation, the outlay is registered in Primula.