Entitlement to occupational health care services

All employees and doctoral students, regardless of the type of funding, are entitled to occupational health care services.

Temporary employees (those employed by the hour, invigilators, etc.) are not covered, nor are students.

Number of visits

Individual employees are entitled to contact Feelgood without their manager’s approval and make an appointment for a medical consultation, session with a therapist (or equivalent) or treatment by a physiotherapist. There is a limit of three visits per year, after which the relevant manager must be contacted. The manager may approve three additional sessions/treatments, which will be billed to the Human Resources Office.

If – in exceptional cases – further consultations are deemed necessary to prevent sick leave, or to accelerate recovery, the relevant manager may approve up to four additional sessions/treatments. These sessions will be billed to the department/equivalent.

In cases of more than 10 sessions/treatments, the Human Resources Office must always be consulted.

Regardless of whether the appointment is for a doctor, therapist (or equivalent) or physiotherapist, the total number of visits is limited to three per year, as mentioned above. For example, if a conversation with a doctor results in a referral to a physiotherapist, the physiotherapy treatment is limited to two sessions before the relevant manager must be consulted in order to approve additional treatment.

The head of department’s approval may be given by e-mail to the appropriate person at Feelgood, or via a certificate granting more visits.

Ordering services

The head of department/equivalent is entitled to order

  • ergonomics training at the workplace
  • courses/seminars that the department/equivalent wants to include as a part of general information/training
  • work-related vaccinations of employees, regardless of their purpose (e.g. travel vaccinations and flu vaccinations).

    The services mentioned above will be paid by the department (so-called e-services).

After consulting with the Human Resources Office, the department may order

  • health profiles (or health examinations) aimed at all or most employees at the department (including tests).
    This is also an e-service.

Other services can be ordered by the Human Resources Office.

When a service is ordered, a confirmation must be provided to the purchaser for approval, and then returned to Feelgood. The confirmation of an e-service order must include space for the purchaser to enter a billing address.

Information about gym cards

Employees at Stockholm University have a 20 % discount on yearly cards at Feelgood’s gym at Grev Turegatan 34.