To be able to participate in the various free exercise classes for university staff at Frescatihallen you need to create an account or uppdate your account at SSIF on their website via the link: After you have created an account, SSIF's staff checks that you are on the list of all employees. For graduate students who are not employed at the university requires that the department will contact Human Resources Office.

To attend a free exercise class

Participation in all classes must be booked in advance, either via the SSIF's website or via the SSIF's app (from the Appstore or Play Store). You also check in to the class via the app. 

Note! Please, come on time – otherwise there is a risk that you are not allowed to participate!

Activities during Spring 2021

Spring activities (free of charge) starts Monday January 11 and goes on until Friday June 11. No activities on red days and April 1 and 30 and May 14.

Week Activity Time at Note
Monday Yoga 08:30–09:15 45 min.
  Online training* 12:00–12:30 30 min.
  Calisthenics 16:00–17:00 60 min.
  BodyJam 17:00–17:45 45 min.
Tuesday BodyPump 11:00–11:45 45 min.
  BodyCircuit 16:45–17:15 30 min
  CxWorx 17:00–17:45 45 min.
Wednesday Yoga 08:00–09:00 60 min.
  BodyAttack 11:15–12:00 45 min.
  CxWorx 12:05–12:35 30 min.
  BodyPump 16:30–17:30 60 min.
Thursday BodyPump 07:45–08:15 30 min.
  CxWorx 08:20–08:50 30 min.
  Tone 11:45–12:30 45 min.
  Online training* 16:30–17:30 30 min.
  BodyCircuit 17:00–17:30 30 min
Friday Online training* 08:45–09:15 30 min.)
  BodyPump 11:15–12:00 45 min.
  BodyJam 16:15–17:15 60 min.
  BodyCombat 17:20–18:20 60 min.

Note! Registration in advance is required for all classes!
Online training* via Microsoft Teams. See which training it is in the app.

Accident insurance

Sign a membership with SSIF – 50 SEK/fiscal year – and get accident insurance at Folksam.

Discount for SSIF's other activities

As an employee at the University, you can buy the Term Card SSIF All-In for 1,495 SEK.