As an employee at Stockholm University, you have the right to wellness. The offer is aimed at all employees and consists of four parts:

  • wellness hour
  • wellness benefit
  • group training in the Frescatihallen
  • training in the staff gym (for a fee).

Wellness hour

All full-time employees with a monthly salary at Stockholm University have the opportunity to spend one hour of your workweek on wellness activities. If you work part-time, you are entitled to the wellness hour in proportion to the scope of your employment.

Active doctoral students, regardless of funding, also have the right to use the wellness hour.

The wellness hour can be used when the work so allows it. It is not possible to save the wellness hour for later occasions.

>> Note! A temporary extra wellness hour! up to and including June 30, 2021.

Wellness benefit

Upon presentation of an original receipt, employees are entitled to tax-free compensation of up to SEK 2,500 incl. VAT per calendar year. The activities that are approved for wellness benefit are approved by the Swedish Tax Agency's rules. The wellness activity should be of a simpler nature and less valuable. Individual activities may not cost more than SEK 1,000 at a time. More information about which wellness activities are approved can be found on the Swedish Tax Agency's website.

Feel free to check with your department in advance, if you are unsure whether your activity can be approved for compensation. The cost of wellness benefit is charged to your department.

>> Skatteverket om friskv√•rdsbidrag

Wellness benefit at Stockholm university

  • The activity for which you request a wellness benefit must be approved in accordance with the Swedish Tax Agency's rules.
  • If you are employed part of the year, you are entitled to a wellness benefit in relation to how many months you are employed during the year. If you are employed part of a month, it counts as a whole month.
  • The scope of the employment does not matter. Parental leave and those who are on sick leave may use the benefit during their absence. In the case of other types of full-time leave, you are not entitled to the wellness benefit.
  • Employees with hourly wages receive their compensation per day they worked.
  • Original receipt must be submitted during the current income year (exceptions are made for payments made during November and December that can be used for wellness benefit next year).
  • Provide documentation in accordance with the department's instructions.
  • Register and submit receipts as soon as possible.
  • By 4 December, the receipt must be registered in Primula and handed in original to your department to be charged for the current year.

Registration of wellness benefit in Primula

To apply for a wellness benefit, log in to Primula/My page/Wellness benefit. Instructions on how to register wellness can be found under "My page". After you have entered a receipt in Primula, you send the original receipts to your department.

This is how you report your receipt

The receipt must refer to your personal cost for wellness. The receipt must state the following:

  • Your name or social security number
  • Date
  • Seller's name and organization number
  • Which activity the receipt refers to
  • Amount
  • VAT amount or percentage

A handwritten receipt must contain the above information and be either signed or stamped by the seller.

Payment by direct debit or invoice

When paying by direct debit, either a copy of the current direct debit agreement together with an account statement where the payment appears or a proof of payment issued by the facility must be attached.

When paying an invoice, the invoice and account statement where the payment appears must be attached. The invoice must be sent to you personally.