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Dramaten Fasad
Stockholm University has a partnership with Dramaten. Foto: Sören Vilks/Dramaten.

Collaboration support

At the Office for Research, Engagement and Innovation Services we are responsible for the university's external partnerships with non-academic organizations, authorities and companies, and can help you find the right level for your engagement. Whether it is about collaborating with a company, an authority, an organization or in another way. Engagement can take place at several different levels and what does not fit within the central agreements can be better suited at faculty, department or another level. 

Some examples of central partnerships are those with Dramaten, Region Stockholm and Stockholms stad. 

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Innovation support

Are you a researcher or teacher at Stockholm University and have research results or teaching materials that could be transformed into new products or services? Stockholm University will help you get started.

The rights to your inventions

As a university-based researcher in Sweden you have a unique right to the inventions that result from your research. This right if often referred to as "The Professors Privilege"  (lärarundantaget). The privilege means that it is you, not your employer, that has the commercial rights to your inventions and the results of your research. This applies so long as you have not made a different agreement that contradicts this.

The Professors Privilege gives you an opportunity to decide what you want to do with the results of your research. But it also gives you the responsibility to find ways to ensure that your research result in societal impact, , something that is made explicit in the Higher Education Act. One way of utilizing research results is through innovation development and commercialization.

The Stockholm University Holding Company

The Holding Company at Stockholm University gives entrepreneurs associated with the University (researchers and teachers) the opportunity to develop their business ideas towards the creation of new businesses.

The Holding Company is managed and controlled by Stockholm University. The company has the opportunity to engage in commercial activities connected with the university – something that is not possible within the university itself.

The Stockholm University Holding Company (in Swedish)

Support when receiving a donation

We give you tips and advice on how to proceed, what rules and guidelines are applicable, and we show who does what in the donation process. Our goal is to assist both donor and recipient, so that the researchers can carry on finding solutions to the most difficult questions.

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