Which journals are included?

The agreement includes unlimited open access publishing in all Frontiers journals.

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How do I proceed as a corresponding author?

When submitting a manuscript to a Frontiers journal, make sure that:

  • You are corresponding author.
  • You state your Stockholm University affiliation.
  • You use your SU email address.

To submit your article under the institutional agreement, please select ‘Stockholm University’ as institutional payer in the invoice section when submitting your article.

This way Frontiers will identify you as an author qualified to publish open access, free of charge.

What’s included?

Articles will be published with a CC BY license. More information on CC BY licenses.

All article types are included in the agreement.

What’s not included?

Additional charges associated with the printed journal, such as color figures or offprints.

Do you need help?

Contact the library at openaccess@su.se