Property Management Office works to make Stockholm University a safe workplace. Thomas Hårberg encourages every employee who feels threatened to report it.

“What will happen depends a lot on the situation and the nature of the threat. For example we have security guards on campus 24/7. They’ll be there quickly.”

Importance of filing a police report

Thomas Hårberg and his colleagues will usually encourage people to file police reports. The Section for Safety and Security can help when they receive a report via SAMIR, which is the University’s system for reporting incidents, see The department can also report threats in cases where the person affected does not want to report the incident themselves. In SAMIR you can also report incidents anonymously.

Even though the reports on SAMIR don’t always lead to police actions, it’s still a good idea to enter them into the system to build a case for a possible future police report. Threats are most common on the internet, and there has been an uptick in recent years.

“When researchers or teachers are threatened because of their work, it becomes a working-environment problem. If you are threatened, please contact the Section for Safety and Security and inform your dean or safety officer. They should then get in contact with the Human Resource Office for advice on how to handle the situation. In order to support the threatened researcher, we need to be told when it happens. It’s good that this problem is getting more attention,” says Anna Jutterdal at the Human Resources Office.

Possibility of counselling with a psychologist

You can talk with a psychologist through the university’s occupational health care provider. All employees can have three sessions, and more are often approved for those who need it. If you feel unsafe on campus, we can arrange an escort your car, the T-bana station or similar. Some people have even had a special alarm installed in their office.

What to do if you are threatened through email or social media

- Save the email or the link to the blog, comments section of an article or webpage. Take a screenshot.
Note the time and date when you saw/discovered the message.
- Inform your supervisor.
- Contact the Section for Security and Safety, phone number 08-16 10 25, email

You can get advice about how you should react, help in preparing a police report, and the need for security guards, among other topics. You can also get advice on how to track down the person who threatened you and how to get help from the person responsible for the webpage.

24-hour hotline for campus security: 08-16 42 00

SAMIR, the University’s system for reporting crime, incidents, work-related injuries or illnesses, commuting accidents, security notifications, and environmental non-conformance.