Stockholm University has a limited number of parking permits for staffs. Each head of department/administrative head can order permits in the Service Portal for those employees who regularly need to be on site at the university.

The permits can be picked up, after received confirmation, at Service Center södra (next to the university library). Bring personal identification and if a person other than the one who made the order is to collect the permit, this must be stated when ordering.

NOTE! New permits must be ordered for 2021 and these apply to parking at Campus Frescati, Albano and Sveaplan. If a parking permit is missing, the ordinary visitor parking fee applies.

The permits are not personal, hence the same permit can be used by several employees at the department, but only in one car at a time. This means that if an employee is not present one day, the permit can be used by another employee. The parking permit must be placed visibly in the front windscreen of the car. The car's registration number does not need to be stated.

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