Hans Adolfsson, current President at Umeå University, is the recruitment group’s proposed candidate for the position of new President at Stockholm University. Photo: Mattias Pettersson

The process of coming up with a proposal for the position of new President at Stockholm University started as early as September 2023. The new President will be installed the 1st of February 2025. A recruitment group with representatives of students, staff and the university board was appointed during the autumn and several discussions were held both in the university board and the consultative assembly. In February 2024, the university board determined the requirement profile and shortly afterwards the nomination and application period started. There was a lot of interest in submitting proposals which led to many qualified candidates.

“Among the candidates that the recruitment group then interviewed were several with solid experience in education, research and academic leadership and management at various levels,” says Mats Melin, chairman of the recruitment group.

He says that after careful and thorough consideration, everyone in the recruitment group agrees that Hans Adolfsson clearly stands out as the foremost among the candidates and he is the one who best meets the requirement profile. The overall assessment is that he is the one who can offer the leadership that Stockholm University needs:

“We initially base that conclusion on Hans Adolfsson’s many years of well-practiced academic leadership as President of a university with such a wide range as Umeå University. He previously received his PhD at KTH, was a postdoc in the USA and has been active at Stockholm University for almost two decades as a teacher and researcher, the latter years as Vice President. He therefore has both extensive experience from the outside and good insight into Stockholm University’s academic culture.”

“We also base the conclusion on the fact that Hans Adolfsson has great commitment and is a clear voice for the academy’s common issues and challenges and the various positions of trust he has been entrusted with in such contexts. Last but not least, our trust in Hans Adolfsson is based on his many good personal qualities. He appears as a safe, stable and trust-inspiring person,” says Mats Melin.

Open Hearing in Aula Magna

On Tuesday, June 4, at 10:00 am, Stockholm University will arrange an open hearing in Aula Magna where Hans Adolfsson will introduce himself to staff and students. At the hearing, all staff and students will have the opportunity to listen and ask questions. Please note that there will be a bag ban in the auditorium. Only small handbags will be allowed. Bag storage is available.

After the hearing, the recruitment group will submit its proposal for new President to the university board. On June 14, the board decides on a proposal for new President. In the autumn of 2024, the government appoints a new President at Stockholm University.

Hans Adolfsson’s current positions

President, Umeå University (2016-)
Chairman, SUHF (2023-2024)
Vice chairman, STINT, (2022-2025)

Qualifications – in selection

Vice President, Stockholm University (2013-2016)
Chairman, Wallenberg Foundations’ Council of Principals 2019-2023
Section Dean in Chemistry, Stockholm University (2010-2013)
Professor in organometallic chemistry, Stockholm University (2007-)
Postdoc, The Scripps Research Institute, USA (1996-1998)
PhD, Organic Chemistry, KTH (1995)

CV Hans Adolfsson (156 Kb)

Members of the recruitment group

Appointed by the university board:

Former Chief Justice Mats Melin (Chairman)
President Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) Tuula Teeri
Former Deputy Head of Local Government, City of Stockholm Ingela Lindh

Appointed by the consultative assembly:

Professor Astri Muren, Department of Economics
Professor Elisabeth Wåghäll Nivre, Department of Slavic and Baltic Studies, Finnish, Dutch and German
Professor Henrik Cederquist, Department of Physics

Appointed by the student union:

Student Alicia Dickner, Vice President Stockholm University Student Union (SUS)
PhD student Amanda Kann, PhD student representative

Appointed by the staff organisations:

Docent Sara Van Meerbergen, Department of Slavic and Baltic Languages, Finnish, Dutch and German