The choice of level doesn’t affect style, genre, or content. Below is a detailed description of the levels. In general, the price of our film productions is determined by which level you choose.

Level 1

The keywords for level 1 are quick, straight-forward, and simple.

Often, they require just one technician and are filmed on one main site. The turn-around time is short and works well for quick web publication. These small films are perfect for short news interviews on research or trailers and teasers for other projects. More than one level-1 film can be done on the same theme, like in the example below where we made three short trailer films with different researchers for Forskardagarna 2015.


Teaser film for Forskardagarna 2015 (client: External Relations and Communications)



Level 2

Here, there are more technicians who can record at more places on different occasions. The production time is generally longer, but we can do some reports quickly which are time sensitive, such as new research findings. Level 2 films could also present an activity, attract students to educational programs, or work as a training film.


News segment on Viking age dragon head discovery (client: External Relations and Communications)



Level 3

The keywords here are: artistic ambition, few limits, and extensive production work.

Level 3 films have a number of technicians, are recorded in different locations and often have a script that Media Production and the client work out ahead of time. The level of ambition for recording and editing are high, so it takes longer than the other levels. Films at this level can range from a few minutes to a half hour or more, depending on what works best.

Only creativity limits level 3 films. Whether you already have a concrete idea or just an inkling, let us know and we can develop it!


Recruitment film for attracting students to a bachelor's level degree program in geological sciences. (client: Geo- and Environmental Sciences)