Tjuvtitta på nya Albano. Exteriör hus 4, atrium och ingång till hörsal.Peek at the new Albano. Exterior house 4, atrium and entrance to auditorium.

The outdoor environment is still a construction site, but inside the buildings are soon ready. In the autumn, Albano will be filled with staff and students, provided that the corona situation allows. The official inauguration will not be until 2023, when all buildings and outdoor environments are completed.

Albano is a huge project with the city of Stockholm as the planner, Akademiska Hus as the developer and Stockholm University and KTH, the Royal Institute of Techonology, as tenants. In addition, Svenska Bostäder is building student housing. When everything is finished, the area is estimated to house around 1950 employees, 11,850 students and 1,500 residents.


Albanovägen, till höger hus 4 följt av hus 2 och 1.
The main road Albanovägen, to the right house 4 followed by houses 2 and 1. To the left student housing are being built and on the far left house 3.


Already on site from Stockholm University are Nordita (Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics) and the the Department of Astronomy in house 3, which is shared with KTH who is the main tenant. Houses 2 and 4 are rented by Stockholm University and will be fully furnished and ready for moving in during the summer. The Department of Public Health Sciences, the Department of Psychology and the Department of Statistics will move to house 4. Stockholm Business School and the Department of Social Work will move to house 2. In the summer of 2022, house 1 will be ready for the Department of Mathematics, the Department of Special Education and Stockholm Resilience Centre (SRC).


Nordita har redan flyttat in i hus 3, som delas med KTH. Hus 3 ligger närmast AlbaNova.

Nordita has already moved into house 3, which is shared with KTH. House 3 is the closest to AlbaNova. In this corner,  Nordita's guests will be able to have their workplaces when they are on site for longer conferences. Outside, there will eventually be a park.

Hans von Zur-Mühlen, technical support at Nordita: “We used to be scattered over three houses, which meant that we were isolated from each other. Here we get to work together. Suddenly you meet people you have not seen for years. Researchers from different groups now have offices next to each other to facilitate cooperation”


Trappan vid entré hus 2 och 4
The large staircase will be the first a visitor meet when entering Albano through the main entrance between houses 2 and 4. “I think this will be the natural meeting place,” says Lena Lundqvist, Head of the Property Management Office.


Café vid entrén.
The café at the entrance.


Atrium hus 2
The atrium is the heart of house 2. Here seen from the fourth floor where there will be a restaurant, reception and office. Floor two, the ground floor, houses classrooms. Floor three classrooms and offices and floor five offices. At the very bottom are garages and technical spaces.


Hörsal 180
Auditorium with room for 180 people. All classrooms are prepared with technology for hybrid teaching, installation is in progress and then it's time for furnishing.


Väggar i hörsalar
The walls in the auditoriums are designed to provide good acoustics, for example by small holes in the wood.


Room for teaching designed to facilitate interaction. Round so everyone can see each other, the idea is that the lecturer should be able to move throughout the room and it should be suitable for group work.


Atrium i hus 4
The stairs in the atrium of house 4.


Utanför hus 2 och 4 finns stora terasser med planteringar.

Outside houses 2 and 4 there are large terraces with green areas, tables and benches.


Albano sittnisch
Campus Albano is divided into different zones, designed to optimize creativity, focus, social interaction or relaxation and reflection. When the interior is in place, the colors will also match the different zones.


Albano hus 3
House 3 in Albano. The asymmetrical shape gives the feeling of an extension of the neighboring house AlbaNova. KTH rents the house from Akademiska Hus, and Stockholm University in turn rents two floors.


Ralf Eichhorn
At Nordita, some of the first employees from Stockholm University are moved in to Albano, even though many work from home due to the pandemic.
Ralf Eichhorn estimates that this is the fourth or fifth time he has been to his new office since moving in. “It is smaller than the previous one but still feels good, there are nice common areas. I look forward to the time after the pandemic when we can really work here,” he says.
Outside the window, construction of house 1 is in progress.


Albano konferens
House 3 also houses several conference rooms for Stockholm University.


Kontor Albano
Vacant office in house 3. “There have been those interested in moving in, but nothing decided,” says Lena Lundqvist, property director.


A giant machine from Germany plants cherry trees that have been moved from Södermalm. Six cherry trees and a small linden tree will be moved from Stigbergsparken on Södermalm to Albano, to make way for the construction of the new Sofia metro station. The tree removal machine scoops up the tree with the roots.