In order to facilitate both translation and interpretation, a list of academic terminology and concepts in both Swedish and English is now available on the University’s website, with a glossary for Stockholm University that includes both SU-specific words and general academic terms. In addition, there are links to complementary dictionaries and lists that can be useful in an academic context, for instance the Swedish-English academic dictionary provided by the Swedish Council for Higher Education (UHR).

Stockholm University usually uses British (UK) English when translating from Swedish, but since the American (US) vocabulary may also be used, certain words are stated in both language variations. In some cases, the University has for pragmatic reasons chosen to use the American word, for example president for rector and semester for the word term. Words can also have multiple translations, with no special priority or with no difference between the UK and US versions.

In accordance with the current language policy, the University shall, as much as possible, write in both languages, i.e. Swedish and English shall function as our scientific languages.

You find the page on the Staff website under Services – Information & Communication – English terms at Stockholm university.

The glossary is a living document and we welcome your feedback. If you would like words and concepts to be added, please contact