Location and room information

Docentbacken, Photo: Marja Juoperi

Docentbacken accommodation area is located at Lappkärrsberget, within walking distance to the Stockholm University Frescati Campus. The buildings are owned by a tenant-owners' corporation called Brf Naturvetaren and were built in the late sixties.  Here we rent three type of accommodations.

  • Studios of 23-27 square meters with combined living area, sleeping area, kitchen area (with kitchenette) and bathroom with toilet and shower.
  • Studios of 36 square meters with combined living area and sleeping area, separate kitchen and bathroom with toilet and shower.
  • Two room apartments of 60-70 square meters with one bedroom, livingroom, kitchen and bathroom with toilet and shower or bathtub. Some of these apartments has a balcony.

Please note that many of the apartments at Docentbacken are a bit old and worn and are rented in current condition.

Application information

Double occupancy is allowed in all apartments at Docentbacken. Please note however that only the two room apartments have a double bed. The minimum rental period is 6 months and the maximum rental period is one year.

Please note that during 2019 SSSB has started building 500 new apartments at Lappkärrsberget close to Docentbacken, so there will be construction work taking place every weekday. All tenants staying at Docentbacken must be willing to put up with any noise connected to this construction work and no compensation will be offered for this.

Rent and payments

All accommodation is rented out on a monthly basis and charged accordingly.

The rent per month for a studio apartment is between 5500 SEK and 7400 SEK and for a two room apartment it is between 7600SEK and 10700SEK. This includes heating, cold water, hot water, electricity and internet (not Wi-Fi). Excessive use of electricity will be charged extra.

For more payment information log into your accommodation account.


Studio 27 sqm Docentbacken
Studio 27 sqm Docentbacken

All apartments are basically furnished with a table/desk, a chair, a bed, a mattress, wardrobe/drawers, lamps and basic kitchenware. Some apartments also have a bookshelf, sofa/armchair and coffe table. All apartments have hot plates and a refridgerator with freezing compartment or a separate refridgerator with freezer. Some apartments also have an oven.

Please note that you must bring your own blanket, pillow, sheets and towels as these are not provided.


Walk downhill Professorsslingan, cross Bergiusvägen and walk to the University or take bus 50 from bus stop Professorsslingan to bus stop Universitetet.

More information

For more information about the accommodation, area, amenities as well as general rules and regulations please read Tenant information Docentbacken.