Allocated funds for cooperation with Tokyo University

  • The President has decided to assign funding for the following projects:
  • Robert Blasiak, Stockholm Resilience Center, SEK 50,000
  • Ulf Fredriksson, Department of Education, SEK 360,000
  • Jaqueline Berndt, Department of Asian, Middle Eastern and Turkish Studies, 145,000 SEK
  • Christian Christensen, Department of Media Studies, SEK 25,000
  • Donald McMillan, Department of Computer and Systems Sciences, SEK 200,000
  • Patrik Andersson and Katarina Bendtz, Department of Linguistics and Psychology Department, SEK 44,000
  • Robin Blomdin and Arjen Stroeven, Department of Physical Geography, SEK 50,000

Total: 874,000 SEK

More information

Stockholm's three leading universities, Stockholm University, KI and KTH have established a joint strategic collaboration with Tokyo University in Japan. Within the collaboration, universities may apply for special funds for cooperation projects with the University of Tokyo within education, research and development of teaching and learning.