The idea behind The Conversation is simple: academics write news stories commenting on current affairs. The stories are free for republishing but may not be altered. The concept was a success when it launched in Australia in 2009, and today eight regional editions publish stories read by more than 100 million people monthly, mostly through republishing by many of the world’s most recognised newspapers. The European edition, in which Stockholm University now holds a membership, collects roughly 38 million of those readers. 

Workshop in January

On 23 and 24 January, Michael Parker, one of the editors from the news desk in London will give workshops open for any researcher or PhD student at the University, in order to give valuable insight into the process of writing for the Conversation.

Michael Parker is membership editor at The Conversation, having previously covered technology and environment and energy. Prior to The Conversation, he spent 10 years as a reporter and editor for newspapers and magazines.

This workshop will help academics to think about how to refashion research and expertise into a format more suitable for a general, non-specialist audience. The session will cover suitable approaches, tips and techniques, how to pitch ideas to editors, and will involve attendees in practical exercises.

Time and location

Thursday 23 January at 13:00 - 16:00 hrs
Friday 24 January at 9:00 - 12:00 hrs
Room Mimer, Aula Magna, Stockholm University Frescati campus


You are most welcome to attend the three hour workshop on the 23 or 24 January, choose one of the days whichever suits you best. The registration for the workshop is now closed.

Pitch an idea for an article

If you already have an idea for an article you would like to pitch for The Conversation, Michaels will also be available for a one to one 20-minute session where he will give feedback on your idea. If this is the case, please email and we will set it up. 

More information

About The Conversation and Stockholm University.

Owen Gaffney, global sustainability analyst and science communicator at Stockholm Resilience Centre and Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research says about publishing in The Conversation:
“I wrote an article based on a research paper I had just published and I got a lot out of it. They have an amazing reach and the article clearly got out to a lot of people: 31,800 readers and 85 comments.” “The process was fantastic. The editor assigned to me was extremely professional and added a lot of value. It was not about proofreading – it was about structure and deep thought about who the audience is and what level to pitch to them. I really enjoyed it.”