The Student Services at Stockholm University coordinates the information regarding the study form at Stockholm University to be provided to SUHF. Since detailed planning for the autumn term is carried out by each individual department, it is important that each department informs the Student Services with the latest decision regarding the study form by updating the document provided by SUHF. Please email to get access to the document.

Study form for the autumn semester 2020 crucial on the residence permit application

Based on the current circumstances, the Swedish Migration Agency will be able to grant students a residence permit if most of the studies will conducted on campus, even if some parts or components are conducted online. This applies both to a first-time application as well as for applications for extensions. However, the Swedish Migration Agency cannot grant a residence permit for an entire academic year if the entire autumn term will be conducted remotely without any element of campus studies.

Certificate stating whether the studies requires the student’s presence at the university

The Swedish Migration Agency in certain cases may request a certificate from the students in order to make an assessment regarding online studies. It is important that the department issues the certificate in such cases. An example of the certificate, provided by Karolinska Institutet, is available, please email

Information for students regarding the residence permit application

Information for students is constantly updated on the our webpage:

Further instructions regarding how to apply for a residence permit for studies are also sent to students who are liable to pay tuition fees after they have paid the first instalment (which is a prerequisite for them to be able to apply for a residence permit for studies).

Information from the Swedish Migration Agency

Relevant information from the Swedish Migration Agency may be found at the following pages:


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