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Housing Office

Stockholm University is an attractive destination for international students and researchers. The Housing Office at the university work to offer as many applicants as possible, accommodation with a good standard, in attractive areas, and at reasonable prices in Stockholm. Accommodations are available to international researchers with a doctoral degree, and international PhD students at Stockholm University. Read more about: accommodation for visiting researchers.

Human Resources Office

The Human Resources Office provides support to departments for recruiting international employees. This may include advice on issues relating to work and residence permits, information about the Swedish pension system, taxes and social security, as well as family-related issues such as advice about schools for accompanying children. Information is also available at

We regularly invite international staff to information meetings with agencies like the Swedish Migration Board, the Swedish Social Insurance Agency, the Swedish Tax Agency and the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency. The Human Resources Office has contracted a new agreement with ALFA Quality Moving which offers relocation services. We also work with the departments in the development of Universities Research Association contracts for University employees going abroad to work.

Communications Office

The Communications Office serves as an entry point for various external partners who would like to collaborate with Stockholm University. Our mission is to make the University’s knowledge and skills available to the surrounding society, and to care for, develop and initiate collaborations and contacts both nationally and internationally.

We provide support to research and education through guidance and consultation and practical support in relationship-building activities, networking, meeting places and communication. We work with international alumni, strategic partnerships and visits, communications and marketing for an international audience.

Stockholm University Library

The library provides fast, innovative and relevant scientific communication services that contribute to Stockholm University's world-class research and teaching. We contribute to an open, up-to-date national and international infrastructure with digital solutions and services.

We are also actively involved in national and international analyses of and discussions about the role and focus of research libraries in a changing information society. An issue that we are currently focused on is open research and management, storage and research accessibility.

Several of our employees are members of various advisory boards at other publishing houses, universities and libraries. Here we deal with various strategic publishing and library issues, such as e-book models, open access to research and the like. Our head librarian is a member of the board of the publishing house Liber and several of our employees participate in different committees.

Student Services

The International Mobility Office works with internationalisation at the central level, handles university-wide agreements and networks, and coordinates cooperation and exchange programmes. This work gives students and staff the opportunity to study, practice and work abroad and thus gain international experience. We also support the departments in their work with student mobility and international cooperation.

The Global engagement team at Research Support Office works to develop the university's international work at central level and provides support for international research collaborations.

You can contact us if you need information and support on issues that concern:

  • Student mobility
  • Student Exchange Administration: Checklists, Routines, Regulations
  • Agreement and cooperation issues
  • Recruitment of international students
  • Reception of and service to international students
  • International cooperation and exchange programmes, such as Erasmus+, Linnaeus-Palme and Nordplus
  • Teacher and staff mobility within Erasmus+
  • Guest researcher mobility. Short research visits with funding within certain key agreements