At Stockholm University, theses can be defended on non-holiday weekdays and Saturdays, with either a morning slot (defence starts at 10.00 or earlier) or an afternoon slot (defence starts at 13.00 or later). The public defence must take place during the period from 15 August to 15 June. The public notification process (known as nailing) must take place at least three weeks before the public defense. The period of 16 June and 14 August should not be included in the nailing period. If the public notification date falls on a Saturday, public holiday, half day or working day between public holidays, it is moved to the nearest preceding weekday.

Available dates

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Book a date and time

Book time by sending the following information to

PhD Student’s name:

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Research Subject:


Your supervisor's name:

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Desired date of public defence:

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When the date and time have been booked, a confirmation email will be sent to you, your supervisor, the person who booked the date (if done by someone else at the department) and the administrator in the relevant faculty office. This process usually takes one working day but sometimes up to five working days.

Booking of premises

Premises are booked at the department in question. The premises booking manager finds details on the Staff website.

Public notification dates during the Christmas holidays

If your public defence is booked to be held in early to mid-January, the public notification day may fall on one of the days between Christmas and New Year. As there is no break between the autumn and spring terms. Therefore, you should be especially careful to check with the printer that they can guarantee delivery on time and, in particular, that the department is open and can take delivery. Out of consideration for the opponent and members of the examining board you should even distribute the printed thesis well before the Christmas holidays.


* The expression "to nail a thesis" is derived from when Martin Luther nailed the content of his 95 theses to the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg in 1517.