The rights to your inventions

As a university-based researcher in Sweden you have a unique right to the inventions that result from your research. This right if often referred to as “The Teachers Exception” (lärarundantaget) or “The Professors Privilege”. The exception means that it is you, not your employer, that has the commercial rights to your inventions and the results of your research. This applies so long as you have not made a different agreement that contradicts this.

The teacher exception gives you a great possibility to decide what you want to do with the results of your research. But it also gives you the responsibility to find ways to ensure that your research is appropriately utilized, something that is made explicit in the Higher Education Act. One way of utilizing research results, and to get results and knowledge out into society, is through innovation development and commercialization.

The Incubator and the Holding Company

The Incubator at SU gives entrepreneurs associated with SU (researchers and teachers) the opportunity to develop their business ideas towards the creation of new businesses through an inspiring and tailor-made incubator program. 

The SU Holdingcompany is a company managed and controlled by Stockholm University. The holding company has the opportunity to engage in commercial activities connected with the university – something that is not possible within the university itself.