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We can assist with:

  • Getting started with research data management
  • Assisting with the selection of a suitable service for storage, publication and preservation of research data
  • Improving the discoverability of research data
  • Locating guidelines, rights and restrictions applicable to research data

Contact Us

For general questions, contact us at opendata@su.se. Afterwards correspondence may continue via email or through booking a one-on-one meeting. If you wish to book a meeting, it would be helpful to provide some information in order to direct your query to the correct person:

  • What kind of help are you seeking? Are you writing a data management plan, selecting a platform for publication, registering metadata or have questions about ethical implications for making data accessible?
  • Have you already published your data? If so, tell us where and how to access it.
  • What kind of data are you working with, and in which subject(s)?

Would your department or research group like to know more about research data management, publishing data and our services and support? Contact us to arrange an information session!

Research Data Management Team

  • Maria Almbro – Research Data Analyst
  • Sabina Anderberg – Project Manager
  • Sara Belfrage - Research Administrator
  • Lisa Olsson - Research Data Analyst
  • Joakim Philipson – Research Data Analyst
  • Mikko Roos – Research Administrator
  • Karin Stenbeck – Librarian
  • Jonas Åkerman – Research Administrator
  • Margareta Ödmark – IT Archivist
  • Per von Bahr – IT Project Manager

Guides and resources

  • MANTRA is a free, introductory-level online course organized by the University of Edinburgh and designed for those who wish to manage data as part of a research project. The course is divided into modules to facilitate self-study.
  • ‘Research Data Management and Sharing’ is an introductory-level online course organized by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the University of Edinburgh. The course can be found via Coursera.
  • ‘Essentials 4 Research Data’ is an online course from Research Data Netherlands. It is an introductory course for those seeking to support their work with research data.
  • The Researcher’s Guide to Open Research (in Swedish) is a resource produced with the assistance of an initiative for open research from the Finnish minister of education and culture.
  • The Swedish National Data Service (SND) has information and support for researchers in Sweden.