Information på svenska om resurser och länkar

Stockholm University’s Research integrity and ethics policy: The policy is directed primarily to all who conduct or participate in research or related activities, but also to other staff and students. The policy is also intended to give people from outside the University a picture of the University’s overall approach regarding this work. 

Procedure for handling suspicion of deviation from good research practice: describes how suspicions of research misconduct and other deviations from good research practice at Stockholm University shall be handled. The Council for Good Research Practice is responsible for investigations at Stockholm University (Rules of Procedure for the Council for Good Research Practice).

The National Board for Assessment of Research Misconduct (Nämnden för prövning av oredlighet i forskning): from January 1st 2020 this national board investigates suspicions of research misconduct in accordance with the Act on responsibility for good research practice and the examination of research misconduct (2019:504) (lag (2019:504) om ansvar för god forskningssed och prövning av oredlighet i forskning).

Ethical review tool: an interactive tool giving you an indication of whether your research project needs ethical approval according to the Ethical Review Act (lag (2003:460) om etikprövning av forskning som avser människor). Some changes to the Ethical Review Act are were suggested in the Government bill Etikprövning av forskning- tydligare regler och skärpta straff (prop. 2018/19:165). A short description of these changes can be found here.

The Ethical Review Authority: this is where you apply for ethical review. Further information and instructions on how to apply can be found on its website (only in Swedish).

The Ethics Review Appeals Board: handles any appeals to decisions made by The Ethical Review Authority and supervises the observance of the Ethical Review Act and regulations supported by the law. a site providing information and support concerning register-based research.

Good Research Practice: This book from The Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet) addresses relevant legislation and ethical requirements and recommendations against the background of questions that may arise in research work.

CODEX: Information on the guidelines, ethics codes and laws that regulate and place ethical demands on the research process.

The Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection (Integritetsskyddsmyndigheten, previously called Datainspektionen): A public authority whose task it is to protect the individual’s privacy in the information society. Their website contains a lot of useful information about processing of personal data in research.

Research Data at Stockholm University: Stockholm University offers support services for handling, storing, publishing and preservation of research data.

Information about data management from Swedish National Data Service: Support and service for researchers, involving questions of data documentation, access to different types of data and information on secondary data analysis.

Animal research: Information about research involving animals (from CODEX).

Information and guidance concerning H2020 Ethics appraisal procedure

OECD Best Practices for Ensuring Scientific Integrity and Preventing Misconduct (2008)

The European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity

European Network of Research Integrity Offices

European Network of Research Ethics Committees