C F Liljevalch J:ors stipendiefond

The travel grant can be awarded to those who are not yet 35 years old at the time of the application deadline and who have been registered at Stockholm University for at least two semesters (the present semester excluded). Only applications from PhD students will be considered. The grant is primarily awarded in regard to the applicant’s scientific achievements and the purpose of travel. There is a total of 125 000 SEK at disposal. No grant will be less than 3 000 SEK.

Klas-Bertil och Margareta Augustinssons stipendiefond

The travel grant can be awarded to those who are not yet 30 years old at the time of the application deadline and who are PhD students in the area of Biochemistry. There is a total of 170 000 SEK at disposal.

Grant period

One Calendar year, beginning the day of the formal decision (around the beginning of May) and expiring on the same day one year later. Travels must occur within the grant period.


The application period is 20 January to 15 February 2021.

Administration of applications

The administration of the applications begins with a referral to the relevant departments. The Faculty of Science preparatory body then produces a proposition, which is forwarded for decision-making by the Faculty Board and the Vice-Chancellor.

Decision notification

All applicants will receive an e-mail notification in early May.

Payment after decision


Change of destination

A change of destination must be approved in advance by the supervisor and by the administrative officer at Student Services. Please note that a change of destination may result in a reduction of the value of the grant. The grant can only be used during the appropriate time frame. To request a change of destination, please email stipendier@su.se


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Processing of personal data at Stockholm University