Mittseminarium: Rickard Söder


Datum: onsdag 6 mars 2024

Tid: 12.00 – 13.30

Plats: F702

Mittseminarium: Rickard Söder

Rickard’s dissertation explores the changing meanings and perceptions of humanitarianism in light of the growing climate and environmental crisis, especially among actors in the humanitarian field. While climate concerns are increasingly central to humanitarian discourse, a notable gap exists in understanding how humanitarian organizations navigate this intersection and its implications for established norms, values and identities. Based on insights from research on international practices and grounded in historical analysis, he explores how humanitarian international non-governmental organizations address climate and environmental changes. This research aims to uncover how their approaches have evolved over time and how they grapple with the fundamental problems posed by climate change, both in theory and practice. Rickard combines analyses of humanitarian international non-governmental organizations’ contemporary position with historical case studies, aiming to better understand the interconnection between humanitarian and environmental practices and providing insights into the challenges faced by humanitarian organizations in our rapidly changing world.