The Swedish Work and Mortality Database (WMD)

The Swedish Work and Mortality Database (WMD) consists of all individuals who were born before 1985 and lived in Sweden in 1980 and/or 1990. The WMD includes information on income, work, education, family formation, in-patient care, and mortality for the period 1981 to 2009.

 This Code book consists of registry data from the The Swedish Work and Mortality Database (WMD), which comprises all individuals living in Sweden in 1980 or 1990, and born before 1986.

The WMD was probability matched to the SMS in 2004/2005. The matching allows analyses of longitudinal data on the first 50 years of life of 14,294 individuals: 7,305 men and 6,989 women.

Codebook VI (2460 Kb)

The Census 1960 (1960)

The Census 1980 (1980)

The Census 1985 (1985)

The Census 1990 (1990)

The Population Statistics Register (1980, 1990)

The Multi-Generation Register (1981-2009)

LOUISE/LISA (1990-2009)

The Hospital Discharge Register (1981-2008)

The Causes of Death Register (1981-2008)

Code book VI was compiled by Ylva Almquist in 2005.

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