Corporate Elites and Leaders in Neoliberal Organizations and Societies

This course addresses the masters of today’s neoliberal society – the corporate elites and leaders.

Doctoral course, 7,5 ECTS credits
Course start: November 22, 2023

Syllabus Corporate Elites in Neoliberal Organizations and Societies (141 Kb)

Course content

Much has been written and taught about managers in corporations and organizations, focusing on their daily work, decision-making and problems and challenges. But few have focused on the elite groups of corporate actors – the persons that are in control of the supreme command positions, the super-rich and the very wealthy, and the ones that possess extraordinary cultural and symbolic capital that make them powerful figures in societies at large.

Today’s society is largely controlled by these groups, discursively as well as practically. In order to understand how contemporary organizations and societies function, we need to address the work ethic, worldview and lifestyle of the corporate elites.

Course structure and schedule

The course consists of six seminars. All the sessions are at 13:00 – 16:00 and take place in the Board Room, Floor 5, House 2, Campus Albano, Stockholm University.

Seminar 1 November 22, 2023: Course Introduction
Seminar 2 November 29, 2023: The World of Corporate Managers: Their Ideologies and Ideals
Seminar 3 December 6, 2023: Leader Communities: Corporate Elites’ Lifestyle
Seminar 4 December 13, 2023: Educating Future Leaders: Elite Business Schools
Seminar 5 December 20, 2023: Women and Corporate Leaders
Seminar 6 January 10, 2024: Corporate Leaders and Societies

Contact and registration

Mikael Holmqvist is Professor of Business Administration and Associate Professor of Sociology.

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Course coordinator
Helene Olofsson, coordinator of the doctoral programmes at Stockholm Business School.
To register for the course, please send an email to

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