Score is led by a Director, Professor Mikaela Sundberg, and Deputy Director, Ingrid Gustafsson Nordin.

Score has two Directors of Research, appointed among the senior researchers, and a Board, appointed by the Vice Chancellor of Stockholm University and the President of the Stockholm School of Economics. Staffan Furusten is Chairman of the Board.

Score also has a research council, which is chaired by Lars Engwall.


Score has an executive board composed of senior researchers and a representative for the doctoral students. The executive board is appointed by the Vice-Chancellors of Stockholm University and the Stockholm School of Economics.

Chair of the Executive Board

Staffan Furusten, Professor of Management


Gustav Agnesson, Ph.D Student, Management
Per Lundin, Professor of History of Technology
Lovisa Näslund, Ph.D, Management
Adrienne Sörbom, Professor of Sociology
Kristina Tamm Hallström, Associate Professor, Management
Renita Thedvall, Professor of Social Anthropology
Carl Yngfalk, Ph.D, Management

Acting members

Maria Grafström, Associate Professor, Management
Livia Johannesson, Ph.D, Political Science


Mikaela Sundberg, Professor of Sociology, Director

Photo: Juliana Wiklund



Senior scholars at Score are, for limited periods, appointed as directors of research. Such directors have a special responsibility for the development of Score’s thematic research, including the procurement of research grants from external sources.

Current directors of research

Susanna Alexius (Management)
Linda Soneryd (Sociology)

Photo: Juliana Wiklund



Score has a scientific advisory board composed of prominent Swedish and international scholars. Professor Lars Engwall of Uppsala University chairs the advisory board.

Current members

Michael Barzelay, London School of Economics
Haldor Byrkjeflot, Universitetet i Oslo
Lars Engwall, Uppsala universitet
Thomas Hylland Eriksen, Universitetet i Oslo
John Meyer, Stanford University
Christine Musselin, Sciences Po, CNRS
Bo Stråth, University of Helsinki
Susan Wright, Aarhus University

Photo: Juliana Wiklund


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