Eva Lövbrand Score Fellow

Eva Lövbrand, Professor in Environmental Change at the Department of Thematic Studies, Linköping University, will be visiting Score during the period of March-May 2024.

Eva Lövbrand

Eva Lövbrand is Professor in Environmental Change at the Department of Thematic Studies, Linköping University. Her research examines the ideas, knowledge systems and expert practices that underpin global environmental politics and governance. The politics of carbon has preoccupied much of her work and resulted in critical examinations of the regimes of carbon accounting (e.g. carbon offsetting schemes, budgets) that render climate change governable. In recent years she has also explored how a just transition to climate neutrality is imagined and forged in collaboration between Swedish state and non-state actors. Eva is co-editor of the volumes Environmental Politics and Deliberative Democracy: Exploring the Promise of New Modes of Governance (Edward Elgar Press 2010), Research Handbook on Climate Governance (Edward Elgar Press 2015), Anthropocene Encounters: New Directions in Green Political Thinking (Cambridge University Press 2019) and Anthropocene (In)Securities: Reflections on Collective Survival 50 Years after the Stockholm Conference (Oxford University Press 2021).

During her time at Score, Eva will be engaged in the research projects ‘Whose transformation? The places, politics and ethics of the fossil free society” and “The geopolitics of carbon lock-in: fossil interests, ideas, and identities”. In these projects, we examine how the EU Green Deal and Sweden’s national climate policy goals are imagined, narrated and acted upon by communities who are entangled with fossil fuel-intensive industries. Through qualitative field work and arts-informed research methods in Luleå, Lysekil and Slite, we trace how the European transition to climate neutrality is imbricated in the (re)making of subjects, places, and conditions of life. The projects are funded by Formas and Mistra, and involve researchers in Sweden, the UK and Australia.