Jesper Petersson Score fellow

Jesper Petersson, Ph.D. in Science and Technology Studies, Associate Professor in Sociology, and currently employed as a permanent lecturer at the University of Gothenburg, will be visiting Score as Score fellow, starting April.

Jesper Petersson

My research spans various empirical domains, including the digitization of healthcare, climate and environmental issues related to flood management, and citizen science-based air quality measurements. I have engaged with patient associations, medical knowledge production, and crisis communication. Theoretical frameworks from Science and Technology Studies, Sociology, and Human Geography underpin my approach to these empirical areas.

My doctoral thesis focused on the importance given to time and space in the digitalization of healthcare. I am currently leading the Forte-funded project " Beyond Covid? Using Patient Knowledge to Improve the Care and Management of Long Covid Sufferers".

Given Score's focus on research on the public sector, I plan to develop an article manuscript that contextualizes the political ambitions leading to the transformation of the medical journal from a tool solely for healthcare professionals to a readily accessible information platform for patients through its online evolution. This shift in the journal's role is part of an ongoing development reshaping the relationship between public employees and citizens through the digitalization of the public sector. By investing in digitalization to facilitate citizens' interactions with the public sector and increase transparency, citizens gain access to information previously handled exclusively by public employees. This changes how public employees handle information—for instance, how should a doctor think about vague suspicions of cancer and journaling when patients can now also access their medical records on their mobile phones? It also alters citizens' roles as they are now expected to take increased responsibility for managing and acting upon the information made available to them.

Moreover, I have already noticed the inspiring environment at Score and the exciting research conducted here. I hope to be swept up in it and contribute to the environment while meeting many interesting researchers!

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