Maria Jansson Score Fellow

Maria Jansson, Professor of Gender Studies at Örebro University, will be visiting Score during the period of 15 January 2024 - 15 June 2024.

I am associate professor of political science and professor of gender studies at Örebro University. My research concerns women's conditions in society, how politics contributes to shaping and changing these conditions, and how women themselves through political actions contribute to change. I ground my research in feminist political theory and theories with a critical approach to neoliberal governing techniques. I have studied child care policy, constructions of motherhood and work, WHO and UNICEF guidelines about breastfeeding, Security council resolutions related to peacekeeping and HIV as well as the women, peace and security agenda. Most recently I completed a project on women’s conditions in the film industry and public support for film productions. For a long time, I have also been interested in issues of equality in learning and education.

During my stay at SCORE, I will work on the project DIGISCREENS, which explore identity and democracy on digital film and TV platforms in Europe. Streaming platforms provide distribution of cultural products but is regulated as media. In the project, we study how policies regulating the streaming platform market affect the content and curation of platforms, as well as how the audience negotiates fictional content in relation to their own democratic values and construction of identities. The project is funded by Chanse/ERA-net in collaboration with Forte in Sweden. DIGISCREENS is a collaboration between researchers in Lithuania, France, Norway, Spain, and Sweden.