Ep. #41 What About Science Communication? (ft FreshEd)

In this episode we look at science communication – what impact does it have and why are we doing it? Can knowledge really change people's perception, and behavior?

In Bakom bokhyllan's (Behind the Bookshelf) first episode in English we have a talk with Will Brehm, Associate Professor of Education and International Development at University College London & Creator of the academic podcast FreshEd, and Gia Destouni, Professor of Hydrology and Water Resources at Stockholm University. 

Will and Gia are researchers and teachers, working in two very different fields at different universities, but they are both interested in how research is being communicated to the general public, and within the academic world.  

In this episode they talk about sound and podcasting as a tool for the academic discussion, and the challenges in changing people’s behavior with knowledge.  

This episode is a collaboration with the podcast Fresh Ed. Host is Cecilia Burman, communication officer at Stockholm University Library.


A transcripted version of the episode is coming soon.

The music used in the episode is from the podcast FreshEd and is created by Digital Primate. 

The theme song we use in Bakom bokhyllan (Behind the Bookshelf) is taken from the piece Die Zeit-Ung, composed by Stefan Levin.


Listen to a slighly different edit of the episode posted at FreshEd:

FreshEd Podcast ft Bakom bokhyllan

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Bakom Bokhyllan (Behind the Bookshelf) is a science podcast that illuminates research and student life through art, the climate change, conspiracy theories and everything in between.

When will the robot take over? How does digital life affect us? How equal is academia and what does science gain from being open? These are some of the things you will find out when you listen to Bakom Bokhyllan. In addition, we give students tips on study techniques, what to keep in mind when choosing education field, and guides you to life after your studies.
Bakom Bokhyllan is produced by Stockholm University Library, a research library where students, researchers, teachers and the general public seek and build knowledge. In the podcast we twist and turn the perspectives and guide the listeners to the academic world where as many questions as answers can be found.

The podcast is mainly in Swedish, but episode 41 is in English. 



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