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Stockholm University´s Brain Imaging Centre

Stockholm University is building Stockholm University Brain Imaging Centre (SUBIC) – an advanced multidisciplinary infrastructure dedicated to non-clinical academic research on brain function and structure. The infrastructure will be located at Arrhenius Laboratory, at Stockholm University’s Frescati campus and will be available to all researchers affiliated with Stockholm University or affiliated with other Swedish universities and their international scientific partners.

SUBIC’s infrastructure will be gradually built to support Swedish research with state of the art functional and structural brain imaging technologies suitable for fundamental academic research within the Humanities, Behavioural Sciences, Natural sciences and Law.


  • Construction ongoing! 2018-07-05 The construction of SUBIC is well on the way. We are getting more and more excited everyday and is planning to be operational in the end of september 2018. Welcome!
  • SUBIC at OHBM 2018 2018-06-18 Frasse and Elin from our SUBIC team are currently in Singapore for the 2018 Organisation for Human Brain Mapping (OHBM) conference.
  • Photos from Brain Lectures IV 2018-06-01 Photos from the fourth instalment of the Stockholm Brain Lecture series at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. Professor Nicola Clayton (University of Cambridge) held a lecture on Ways of Thinking: From Crows To Children And Back Again and Professor Niclas Kolm a lecture on Human brain evolution from a guppy perspective.


Francisco Lacerda

Lab manager
Elin Kihlgren


SUBIC Brain Tree