Stockholm University Brain Imaging Centre (SUBIC)

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Stockholm University Brain Imaging Centre (SUBIC) – is an advanced multidisciplinary infrastructure dedicated to experimental academic research on brain function and structure, as well as other fields of research benefiting from imaging micro structures. SUBIC is located at Arrhenius Laboratory, at Stockholm University’s Frescati campus and is available to all academic researchers.

SUBIC’s infrastructure supports Swedish research with state of the art imaging technologies, including EEG, TMS, MRI, fMRI, X-ray imaging, functional and structural brain imaging technologies suitable for fundamental and applied academic research within the humanities, behavioural sciences, law and natural sciences.

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Corona info

Temporary rules

SUBIC has some temporary regulations aiming at avoiding transmission of the COVID-19 virus, in conformance with the recommendations from the Public Health Agency of Sweden.


  • Summer access to SUBIC 2021-06-16 SUBIC is open during the summer but there will be limited staff support. You will also have to use your code to open doors with the security card.
  • Time grant 2021 will open for application in September 2021-06-16 Stockholm University Brain Imaging Centre (SUBIC) is happy to announce that the Time Grant 2021 will open for application on 1st of September.
  • SUBIC is organizing a new PhD course 2021-06-16 Stockholm University is offering a new PhD course: Introduction to measuring the human brain using magnetic resonance imaging.