SUBIC operates two TMS systems. One Magstim BiStim2, which combined two independent TMS systems so that paired pulses can be delivered through one coil. Alternatively, they can be used to deliver simultaneous pulses to two individual coils for interhemispheric stimulation. The system is preferentially used for intracortical inhibition as well as facilitation and brain connectivity studies. The system can be used with the following TMS paradigms:

  • Monophasic
  • Paired Pulses
  • Cortical & Peripheral Stimulation
  • Sub- and supra-threshold conditioning

In addition, SUBIC operates a Magstim Rapid2 with a booster pack, a system capable of high-frequency repetitive protocols for both cortical and peripheral stimulation. The Rapid² can also connect an existing EMG module. To facilitate double-blind designs, we have a sham TMS coil seemingly identical to the active TMS coil. The system can be used with the following TMS paradigms:

  • Biphasic
  • Repetitive Protocols
  • Theta Burst
  • Cortical & Peripheral Stimulation
  • <100Hz frequency stimulation

To both system, the following coils exists:

  • AirFilm coil (air cooling for high-power repetitive pulses)
  • AirFilm sham coil
  • 70mm Remote Control Coil, Figure of eight, Butterfly x2
  • 70mm Remove Control Coil, Figure of eight (branding iron model) x 2
  • 60mm coil, doughnut shape

Connected to the system is an integrated neuro navigation system, capable of both assisting the experimenter positioning the TMS coil as well as tracking and displaying the final location of each single TMS pulse during the experiment. Functional and anatomical images can be imported into the tracking software to assist with positioning and targeting of specific function and/or anatomical regions. The system can also be used to digitize the position of EEG electrodes for use in subsequent analyses or to enable the co-registration of EEG electrode and MRI coordinate spaces.

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