Xradia Versa 520 is the industry’s most comprehensive submicron X-ray imaging solution for advanced scientific research. Xradia 520 Versa offers many industry-firsts: Compositional contrast provides unprecedented discernment of materials and their characteristics. Diffraction contrast tomography unlocks 3D crystallographic information in your lab. The name says it all: LabDCT is the first laboratory-based analytical modality for computed tomography. Extended field of view tomography acquisition techniques further enhance the speed and accuracy with which you can image samples of distinctive proportions down to a 0,7µm resolution. Building on Xradia synchrotron-caliber optics and architecture, the advanced Dual Scan Contrast Visualizer (DSCoVer) and High Aspect Ratio Tomography (HART) capabilities provide you with features that deliver unrivaled versatility for your research and exploration.

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Zeiss Xradia Versa 520
House fly whole body scan
Ruby stone
Low contrast fly head
Guppy Brain