Environmental representatives

As an environmental representative, you are responsible for coordinating and directing the practical environmental work at your department/equivalent.  In order to do this, you need to know the structure of the University´s environmental managaement system and what procedures are in place for the environmental work.

Every year, you should draw up a proposal for an action plan and environmental objectives for your department/equivalent´s environmentral work. In addition, you should follow up the local environmental work of the previous year and report the results to your head of department/equivalent.

In connection with internal and external environmental audits, you are responsible for planning the day and producing supporting documentation for the environmental auditor. Such documentation may include the environmental action plan, statistics on the use of copy paper, etc.


You should be aware of the department/equivalent’s environmental non-conformances and suggestions for improvement, and push efforts to address the non-conformances and implement the improvements. The head of department/equivalent is responsible for this work being carried out.


You are expected to respond to surveys with questions about the local environmental work and how the department/equivalent complies with environmental laws.


The environmental organisers will send out emails with information about the environmental work that you are expected to communicate to your colleagues.


Please contact the environmental organisers and the environmental coordinator if you think that something in the coordination of the University’s environmental work can be improved.


 Your responsibilities relating to the environmental work:


  •     To coordinate and direct the practical environmental work at your department/equivalent.
  •     To be familiar and comply with the University’s environmental policies, procedures, and guidelines, as well as any environmental laws relating to your department/equivalent.
  •     To inform your colleagues about the environmental work.





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