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Green Student

Green Student


If you are interested in Stockholm University´s environmental work, or want to know where to recycle you have come to the right place. The environmental website contains information about the University´s environmental work.

Stockholm University is certified according to the environmental management standards ISO 14001 and EMAS. The University´s environmental policy sets the level of ambition for the environmental work. The rate of improvement is determined by the environmental goals and the University´s  central action plan.

The University has identified ten areas with a significant environmental impact, some of wich include energy use, waste management, chemical use and business travel.

As a student, you can contribute to the environmental work by:

  • sorting your waste at one of the University´s recycling stations
  • turning off lights in empty rooms and switching off electronics devices
  • choosing to cycle or walk to and from the University
  • printing less on paper
  • using a thermos mug instead of paper cups.

Get involved in environmental work

If you want to get involved in our environmental work, you can become a student representative on the Environmental Council. Contact the Stockholm University student union for information.


Did you know that...

Stockholm University employees traveled some 48 million kilometers by air in 2018. This represents approximately 1204 laps around the earth.