Fluorescent tubes, low-energy lamps and other light sources containing mercury are classed as hazardous waste. Incandescent bulbs contain lead but are not classed as hazardous waste, Unusual light sources such as LED-lamps, halogen lamps, etc. are not classed as hazardous waste either.


All light sources must be collected. Used light sources are collected and placed in the intended recycling container at the waste management centre. That is, fluorescent tubes, low-energy lamps and incandescent bulbs are not mixed in one and the same recycling container.

Unusual light sources like LED lamps, halogen lamps and the lamps used in, for example, microscopes are placed in the recycling container for incandescent bulbs.

Great care must be taken in leaving and handling light sources so that they do no burst or are not broken off.


The waste management centre must be marked with a descriptive text (Swedish and English) and/or a symbol.

Storage at waste management centres

No special requirements.


Used light sources are collected at waste management centres by the waste contractor. Then they are taken down to the large recycling centre under Aula Magna.

Final disposal

Used light sources are sent to a recycling plant. Metal, glass and certain types of luminescent material are recycled and mercury is disposed of in a safe and controlled way.

Specific legislation

SFS 2000:208      Ordinance on Producer Responsibility for Incandescent Bulbs and Certain Light Fittings S

FS 2012:259      Ordinance on Environmental Sanction Charges