The plastic fraction is a mixed fraction containing rigid plastic, non-rigid plastic and Styrofoam. Rigid plastic is plastic containers such as bottles, jars, boxes, drums, empty spray cans, etc.

Non-rigid plastic is plastic containers such as carrier bags and plastic sacks and also non-rigid plastic used to protect an object. For example, cushions of non-rigid plastic used as protection from bumps and scratches in transport.

Styrofoam blocks and shavings are counted as Styrofoam. For the separation of stretch and shrink plastic, see the Pallet packaging section. For other rigid plastic such as plastic cutlery, straws, washing-up brushes and flowerpots, see the Household waste section. For the separation of stretch and shrink plastic, see the Stretch and shrink plastic section.

Contaminated material (with, for example, chemicals or radioactive or infectious waste) is absolutely not included here and must be handled on the basis of the contamination, see “Part for laboratory activities”.


Plastic is deposited in the recycling container for rigid plastic at the waste management centre. All plastic containers deposited must be completely empty, well cleaned and, if necessary, evaporated. Lids and bottle caps and other material must be removed before the plastic containers are placed in the recycling container.

Other rigid plastic is placed in the recycling container for household waste. Refundable plastic bottles are returned to a shop or point of purchase.


The waste management centre must be marked with a descriptive text (Swedish and English) and/or a symbol.

Storage at waste management centres

Plastic recycling containers, 660 litres.


Rigid plastic is collected at the waste management centre by the waste contractor who takes the separated plastic down to the large recycling centre under Aula Magna.

Final disposal

A test is being conducted on recovering recycled plastic as new plastic products. If the University’s plastic for recycling does not meet these requirements, it will be recycled as heat energy by combustion in Högdalen thermal power station.

Specific legislation

SFS 2014:1073           Ordinance on Producer Responsibility for Packaging